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Bags, fenders and cases for folks on the go. 


Resistance through commuting.

Wadi Nisnas Haifa.


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Community Empowerment

Our goal at Nisnas Industries has always been a seamless combination of community empowerment and top end craftsmanship.

The task isnt simple but over the years as we've grown, evolved and learned to make this mix, our own. 

For years, we taught  in the local community of Wadi Nisnas, Haifa in Israel and desiged alongside some of the most gifted artists, students and craftsmen.  We created our line-up of products in collaboration with the local community and set up a successful education project in the neighborhood. Nisnas Industries is as much a tool for community development as it is a production shop. You can follow along with our blog for new updates on both the community work and the production process.