Kole elegant flask

KOLE is a one of a kind flask. It is an elegant solution to carry your drinks with wood insulation for cool drinks. slim compact and supremely elegant, holds 2.1 fl oz


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Vortex-Shield leather carry

The urban bag re-imagined. Smart, handmade in full-grain leather with Cameras and smart devices in mind.

We aimed for a new sweet-spot. A handmade masterpiece in original leather, guarded against identity-theft. The Vortex is designed to be a mid-range bag for a one day urban adventure, the sweet-spot between longer trips and a commute. Perfect for a day in the city, to take your camera and essentials on an adventure where the city will take you.



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Rememory Pack, Antique Floor-Tile Hacking Kit

Stencil size: 10x10 inches. Made of 100% recycled plastic, these stencils are tough, washable and reusable. Rememory stencils are modeled on real tiles from the Wadi Salib neighborhood in Haifa. Using these stencils you can paint designs of tiles that have been forgotten over time and bring them back to life in your own community.


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Racing stripe fender

Black Night fenders are made using Wenge wood, an exotic, rare wood, renowned for its stunning black zebra pattern; black tones and rich dark shine.


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Cigar tube


Exquisite cigar tube

Handmade from top to bottom

Stainless Steel with wood body, made to preserve the texture and aroma of the best cigars.

color choice: oak-light




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