The Daily grip

This one is a labor of love. 


The idea of the Daily Grip came about when Max and I sat down to think about what could be possible, we wanted to stretch our range a bit. We knew we could make a wood grip; actually you can make a simple wood grip fairly easily but making a good one is tough, making a great on is artful. We wanted to make one that wouldn’t be just an esthetic statement but would be the best grip you could get that would last you a lifetime.

So how do we do it?

Well it’s a long story but the basic idea is to have a wood grip fit an aluminum core that way we can slide it neatly onto any handle bar so we press-fit our new proto onto a 7000 series aluminum tube.

We used this tube with an inside diameter of just over 22 millimeters to allow perfect fit without ever needing to use any glue or bonding material like you might need on simple grips, we use beautiful proprietary Chicago brass bolts for locking.

Rather than use locking rings like on other models we wanted to have an esthetic that modeled its look on hunting knives or gun handles with 2 brass screws in the middle.


This took a lot of work and we’ll be launching the Daily in a few weeks. Be sure to check it out when we do.





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