NI introducing the Madison & Oak Whisky Tumbler

Tumbler | The whiskey cup that defines the whiskey drinking experience from the ground up.

The reborn of the old wood whiskey cup into a new innovative whiskey tumbler. The shape is borrowed from classic glass tumblers that have long been a staple of the industry and the elements of ancient traditions.
the tumbler is the merge between aged and modern.
old tradition and materials with new technology and designed.

Each tumbler is made from one solid piece of oak that has been carefully selected for its qualities and longevity. Quality and careful selection of the wood is perhaps the most important part of the process. The oak needs to be solid and compact as oak is a long fiber wood with gaps to allow it to breathe but larger gaps need to be selected and removed. Each tumbler is a work of art with subtle differences between every piece. The tumbler is specially shaped to expand towards the bottom to allow greater vapor expansion and better expansion of complex aromas as you drink.