Hi all Just launched

Plant1Up is a one-of-a-kind planter ecosystem


Modular, Magnetic, endlessly scalable

Inspired by beehive cells, the planter is tiny, fits on the palm of your hand, and scales up massively with magnetic connectors to create a planter ecosystem that fills a room. Add a module, add a plant, then connect again on any side with 16 magnets on each cell.


One module or cell is an ingenious tiny platform that scales up. Fits in the palm of your hand consists of a magnetic framework 1 polymer planting pot, complete with a built-in drainage platform system. This one module connects to other modules on all sides forming a hive of plants in one beautiful ecosystem.


From one cell, you can grow more, and more till you have a forest of magnetic planters. They connect so intuitively with 16 magnets on each module that you will have a beautiful indoor garden in minutes. They are modular so you can change their orientation at any time.