700c Mahogany racing style fender.

This fender will fit just about any 700c road bike and is perfect for folks who want to take the fender set on and off easily. It comes with hardware to attach to the seat-stays and fork and is extremely modular. Featuring a solid mahogany hardwood with racing stripes on the side, handmade in our shop from start to finish. Extremely durable and perhaps our most versatile fender set to date. 



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Dunstan Grip


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Plain Brompton fender

Plain Mahogany Wood brompton fenders set.






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Racing stripe fenders

Racing stripes fenders are made using Mahogany and Oak wood.


A perfect companion for your Brompton and a unique build with a need for that special touch.



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Stainless heart inlay Brompton fender

Stainless steel inlay heart in mahogany wood. Inspired by some of our favorite street art bits. Custom cut using photochem techniques with local friends. Custom etched mahogany body and stainless steel heart with maze etching. 






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Black Night steel toe fender

Black Night fenders are made using Wenge wood, an exotic, rare wood, renowned for its stunning black zebra pattern; black tones and rich dark shine.


We made these fenders to accent dark themes on the bike and contrast beautifully with the Nisnas Industries racing stripe and steel tow designs.


The edges of the mud guard are inlayed with specially cut stainless steel to ensure that the edges are protected over time and multiple folding.


A perfect companion for the new Black Brompton or a unique build with a need for that special touch.



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