Oak Honey Whiskey Tumbler.


A handmade oak whiskey tumbler with a stainless steel base, finished with a propitiatory honey wax. It is specially shaped by hand, one at a time to give it a special shape on the inside to accentuate a taste and aroma that is complex and subtly sweet. 

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Each tumbler is made from one solid piece of oak that has been carefully selected for its qualities and longevity. Quality and careful selection of the wood is perhaps the most important part of the process. The oak needs to be solid and compact as oak is a long fiber wood with gaps to allow it to breath but pieces with larger gaps need to be selected and removed. Each tumbler is a work of art with subtle differences between very piece. The tumbler is specially shaped to expand towards the bottom to allow greater vapor expansion and better expansion of complex aromas as you drink.

The shape is borrowed from classic glass tumblers that have long been a staple of the industry. Working with an internal hourglass design in wood is a tough challenge but we achieved it and added wider hips at the base and expanded opening for more breath and room to taste with your mouth and nose.

Madison & Oak Whiskey Tumbler


Madison & Oak is the new masterpiece from Nisnas Industries. It's a whisky tumbler made of one piece of American White Oak and capped off with an intricate stainless steel top ring. The ring acts to separate the oak body from the tasting experience, making this a unique and truly one of a kind tumbler.

The shape of the Madison & Oak is taken from the original glass Madison whisky tumbler but made quite a bit smaller and we adjusted the lip to tighten up quite a bit more in order to concentrate the aroma. Combined with the honey wax that we carried over from the Honey Oak tumbler, this make the shape stand out and focus the drinking experience and make it a unique one. 




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You can use this special Bees Wax mixture on any wooden piece. Originally made for Nisnas Industries wood tumblers, you can us it on furniture and furnishings of any kind no matter what their age. You can also use it on marble so it’s perfect for antiques and fine furniture. The wax has a hint of honey to it and it helps seal the wood you work on and make it more supple and durable. You get 50 Ml per tub and it will last a good long time because even a small amount of this spectacular polish can accomplish a lot, so don’t worry you don’t have to apply a lot to see the effect.


 Ingredients:  Just wax with a hint of honey extract.  Food safe, 100%natural


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  • Available
  • Ships within 3-5 days1