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Whisky Echo Tango

An infusion decanter & Oak sphere packets

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This decanter can work magic on your spirits:  

  • Age your Whisk(e)ys with propitiatory oak sphere packs, endow with hints of oak
  • Become an alchemist with various spirits to create brand new creations

What is a Whisky Echo Tango Decanter



Imagine a beautiful decanter for your favourite spirit, one that is absolutely beautiful, a stunning piece at the centre of your collection that holds your absolute best drink. Now imagine a decanter with hidden features that allow you to experiment with your drink, adding oak tones and spice to any Whisky, Tequila, Rum or Vodka.



W.E.T has a hidden detachable base the houses with an infusion chamber in it.  In it you can place 5 custom oak spheres that infuse the spirits with oak tones.

This is the adventurous side of the W.E.T. a hidden feature that only exists in this decanter, it is the first of its kind. You can of course choose not to use the infusion chamber and remove it completely thus leaving this to be just one stunning decanter. 

How the W.E.T works. Two decanters in one.


Similar to a tea infusion set this decanter houses 5 oak infusion spheres in an infusion chamber at the bottom of the decanter, it is hidden in such a way that it is part of the silhouette of the decanter and is only visible once actually removed. This allows the decanter to essentially be two products in one.


  1. A beautiful piece that allows for taste enhancements of spirits with oak tones
  2. With the infusion chamber removed it is a stunning decanter and a conversation piece for any whisky collection


See here a brief update from the making of the WET Kickstaerter project.

How W.E.T changes the game


In the past a decanter was just that, a beautiful center piece so you could hold your whisky or spirits, the W.ET is a decanter that sets a new standard. It allows you to experiment with spirits or, if you dont want to use the infusion chamber than it still remains an absolutely stunning classy decanter without the added infusion chamber. 


 About the Oak Spheres and infusion chamber


Whisky and oak are deeply connected, at Nisnas Industries, we have been making stunning oak tumblers for years and have gained valuable experience in making the absolute best vessels for your spirits, specifically in American White Oak.


The Oak Spheres we use in the W.E.T decanter are a culmination of years spent learning how to best infuse oak tones into whisky. While out tumblers do a tremendous job of this, we found that a prolonged time spent in proximity to oak makes the whisky gain sophisticated tone but in a vessel like a tumbler this time is limited. Furthermore, as whisky stays inside an oak tumbler, the wood can expand and seep through, therefore the perfect solution is a chamber in which oak spheres can infuse oak tones for a long period of time in a glass container. 


We tested the W.E.T thoroughly and it performs stunningly. The oak spheres provide an oak tone that is subtle but noticeable and if charred or spiced, the spheres offer a supremely unique experience unlike any other. The spheres are sold separately and you can grab as many as you like in the pre-sale