Rememory Table






OK, the Rememory table goes to the heart of who we are as a team at Nisnas Industries. The table tells a highly personal story of a neighborhood struggling to hold on to its memory in our home town of Haifa. The neighborhood is called Wadi Salib.

The design and fabrication of the table is a work of passion, it connects our handmade craft with our social mission. It's a very local project, but really, its a global story, a common one repeated worldwide, a story of power and oppression, gentrification and $.


The final finished table is a connection between design and an untold history of the Wadi Salib neighborhood. The folks who lived in Wadi Salib over the years, Arab, Palestinian and then Jewish residents were forced out to make room for the rich and the politically inclined. Below we give more info and links for the nerds among us who want to get a history lesson :)






We took the patterns from beautiful old tiles of Ottoman-period buildings and used them to create wood tile patterns in our tables. We do all our craft by hand, one at a time, everything is etched in wood and stainless steel by us in our local workshop. The designs are taken directly from the tiles in Wadi Salib (see images of them below) and etched into wood to make every table unique.


About the neighborhood:


So here is the story in a nutshell and why Wadi Salib in Haifa matters. Here's the thing, we live in a special space in the Middle East that takes a personal memory and asks us politely to forget it. Wadi Salib is an Arab neighborhood in the middle of Haifa that has systematically seen it's residents evicted and oppressed. It was left for ruin and has slowly decayed over the past fifty years. The beautiful, often ornate homes were built in the 1800's and hold stories of families from all over the region who lived and thrived here for generations until they were evicted in a series of political pushes. Want to geek out over the history of the place? You know you want to. Go here and here and here and here.



How we fit in:


We (Yossi and Max= Nisnas Industries) see ourselves as story tellers through design, we are designers and community organizers, in equal shares. We try to fit in stories that need to be told through everyday practical and beautiful design. We do this with our close community in mind. In this case we wanted to tell the world about Wadi Salib and we do it with a coffee table you can keep in your home. It's literally a subversive conversation peace. 




Want to order a Rememory Table? Cool, email us at for a quote, we do custom sizes and deliver worldwide.

See below out designs for reference, loads of images of the table, designs and the Wadi Salib neighborhood. 


Getting more from our shop:


Guess what, we set 20% of all our proceeds from all our products for education programs in Wadi Salib, want to grab a flask or bag from us? Cool, we use proceeds from those to give to educational initiatives here in Haifa. 


Images of the table and the Wadi Salib neighborhood

We offer the Rememory table in 4 designs inspired by the tiles of the Wadi Salib neignborhood. To start a conversation with us feel free to copy and paste from the images below in an email to us. We will work with you to make you the table you love

Each table is handmade one at a time by us in our workshop. 




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