Vortex Leather Bag. The urban bag re-imagined.

Following our hugely successful Kickstarter campaign
The Vortex Shadow leather bag is available to the public.
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Vortex Shield Leather bag


This is one special leather masterpiece. If you love an urban adventure and expect only the best from your leather accessories then this bag is for you. (If you want a larger version of the same bag Scroll up to the Vortex Shadow)

Small enough to feel like you don't have anything on you and large enough to hold just what you need. We broke down the urban experience into its essentials and made room for just what you need in an exquisite handmade leather form. The idea was to create a beautiful, bomb-proof supremely comfortable bag to put in just what you love and need for the urban experience. So we did just that and it's stunning.

Think of Vortex as a wearable, beautiful extension of yourself to lug around the things you love and need without any extra room. 

Vortex is a hive of various pockets, some hidden and some visible, crafted in a bombproof leather "sling" to fit perfectly and carry just your essentials. 


L: 45cm \ 17 Inch


W: 13cm \ 5 Inch


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Woly Neutral Dubbin 100ml


Woly's traditional Neutral Dubbin has multiple benefits within its simple, 100ml tin. Woly Dubbin conditions, protects and waterproofs smooth and rough leathers to ensure the life of the material and best results.


The benefits of using Woly Neutral Dubbin

Below we have listed some great benefits of using Woly Neutral Dubbin:

- Smooth Application - no mess or fuss
- Brilliant for boots, bags, seats and more
- Buff to a high shine
- Highly effective and long lasting

How to use Woly Neutral Dubbin

- When using on leather, ensure it is clean and free from dirt/dust and any other marks
- With a cloth, rub gently into the hard dubbin and in small circular motions work into the leather
- Making sure you are not using too much, make sure the material has a fine coating and leave for 5 minutes to dry
- With a finishing brush or a soft polishing cloth, you can now buff to a stunning high shine!


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  • Ships within 3-5 days1

The urban Vortex Shield leather bag re-imagined. Smart, thin, part of your skin, handmade in full-grain leather with Cameras and smart devices in mind.