Upper Cut. A handmade fist-sized flask that redefines elegance.


Upper Cut is a 6 fl.oz. flask that is about the size and shape of a fist. This elegant piece is the answer for people who want supreme elegance, usability and utility from their drinking vessel. Easily packs away in any small bag, Upper Cut is truly a next level piece. It is in every sense a disruptive design in the world of flasks and drinking accessories. 


 Larger than a classic flask but much smaller than any bottle. It is a supremely well made, a handmade masterpiece to hold your favorite spirits. Upper Cut comes complete with an integrated stainless steel cup that is as beautiful as the vessel itself. Each part is a beautiful piece onto itself and as a complete unit it is stunning, fit for a small gathering, a long solo outing or party of two.

Upper Cut is built around the drinking experience. The missing component of every flask is the ability to drink with ease out of a beautiful glass or cup. By separating the drinking experience into the pouring and the drinking components in a supremely beautiful package we were able to produce a new concept in a new size, not too small, not bulky but the size of a fist, perfect for easy carry and sharing. 

Upper Cut



Elegant flask. holds 6.0 fl oz.

This flask is Upper Cut's bigger brother. A beautiful 6floz flask that comes with a stunning cup as a part of its construction. A wood shell stainless steel ends. 



notice: This Is a preorder item. Will be shipped out end of july.


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