It‚Äôs an amazing piece of kit in all full grain leather, hand crafted by us, one at a time and will fit ALL of your favorite devices, from iPads, to tablets and much more ūüėä. It is the product of our backers‚Äô input and we are proud to say that this bag is a 100% crowdfunded design.

Vortex Leather Bag. The urban bag re-imagined.


Here at team Nisnas, we broke down the urban experience into its essentials and made room for just what you need in an exquisite handmade leather form. The idea was to create a beautiful, bomb-proof supremely comfortable bag to put in just what you love and need for the urban experience. So we did just that and it's stunning.


Vortex will hold just what you need for the day trip with supreme fit and exquisite handmade leather workmanship. Think of Vortex as a wearable, beautiful extension of yourself to lug around the things you love and need without any extra room. 

Vortex is a hive of various pockets, some hidden and some visible, crafted in a bombproof leather "sling" to fit perfectly and carry just your essentials. 

Vortex leather carry


The urban bag re-imagined. Smart, handmade in full-grain leather with Cameras and smart devices in mind.

We aimed for a new sweet-spot. A handmade masterpiece in original leather, guarded against identity-theft. The Vortex is designed to be a mid-range bag for a one day urban adventure, the sweet-spot between longer trips and a commute. Perfect for a day in the city, to take your camera and essentials on an adventure where the city will take you. 


 *Important note on the Tan Vortex, the interior is a brown mesh to match the outside not as pictured in gray. 





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