Tumblers Process and more

So first things first, I opened up the surveys so you guys can update your addresses as some folks have been asking what happens if they move and some folks wanted a different work shipping address. You can now change the address on your own. We will have a cutoff on changing addresses in a few weeks though. 

Which brings me to the next thing, sigh... As much as we would like to get the tumblers out yesterday, we need to do one more round of quality control after the last one. We put in new measures a month ago to make sure that we get the details perfect but this caused a slight change in the wax consistency and we need this corrected which puts us a few more weeks behind the ball. I hate this but we are delivering mid September (insert the pitchfork and torches here). 

We absolutely hate to do this and you guys have been amazingly patient but once again we will not sacrifice time for quality as we did this once before with our Kole flask and we can afford to ever do this again and we know you will appreciate a better result over timely delivery. Though both would of course be amazing.

OK, that said, here are images of the amazing packaging we made for the tumbler, those are beyond amazing and included are instructions you will find inside the box along with complimentary extra wax.

We're here for any questions, we know this delay sucks and we want to let you know that we understand this and are doing everything in our power to make the tumbler one million percent perfect. stay tuned for more

Max, Yossi and the Nisnas team