leather Bags

The best leather bags, made by hand, one at a time by us, all in Italian Leather, all Full grain.

Timeless. Classic. Timelessly Classic.

sling leather full grain bag

Small Sling bag, Vortex Shield


Our best selling sling bag in full grain Italian Leather.

large utility bag

Large Sling Bag, Vortex Shadow.


A larger version of the Vortex Shield in full grain Italian Leather.

motorcycle backpack

Royce Slugger


Our best selling Leather backpack

messenger leather side bag

Kull Rex


The classic shoulder messenger carrier all in Italian Leather

motorcycle backpack

Vito Rex


A distinguished companion 

messenger leather side bag

Lauren Bag


A versatile and chic accessory 

motorcycle backpack

Felicia Backpack


A perfect fusion of style and luxury

messenger leather side bag

Ora Backpack


Where style meets functionality

motorcycle backpack

Marie Handbag


masterfully crafted accessory

messenger leather side bag

Paty Handbag


Where style meets sophistication

small edc pouch

Small Travel Pouch


 Travel pouches in full grain  Italian Leather.

large utility pouch

Large Travel Pouch


 Larger travel pouches in full grain  Italian Leather.