Q: What is your shipping service?

A: We ship anywhere in the world, DHL & YunExpress, trackable dependable.


Q: What is your return policy?

A: Simple, if there is an issue that is our fault we will replace it.


Q: When i will receive the order?

A: We send all our packages with 3 day DHL, you will get an email with tracking codes from us to your inbox. Please use the tracking codes inside to track your package. 



Q: im having trouble with payment, what should i do?

A: You can pay with a credit card or Paypal on our site, using your credit card is super easy and Paypal is even easier. If for any reason you are having issues please email us at and we will send you a payable, clickable invoice. 



Q: What are the dimensions of the Vortex Bag?

A: The Vortex Shadow: Dimensions: H: 45cm/17"  W 20cm / 7.8" Weight 650g.

    The Vortex Shield: Dimensions: H: 45cm/17"  W 12cm / 4.8" Weight 450g.


Q: Does the Oak Honey Tumbler affect the taste of the Whisky?

A: The oak tumbler acts the same way that a cask does only for a short time. Much of the affect of the tumbler comes from the aroma and feel of the oak. When drinking from the oak tumbler the tastes and aroma are blended with a subtle oak tone.


Q:How do I use the wax on the oak tumbler?

A: Visit this video here, it's comprehensive and gives a great overview of how to use the wax, if you need more wax, please visit the Tumbler page and pick more up there. 


Q: What  are the dimensions of the Oak Honey Whisky Tumbler?

A: The tumbler is 7cm tall and 5cm wide. It holds approx. 8 fl oz. 


Q: What is the funny animal in your logo?

A: Great question, it's a mongoose, Nisnas in Arabic means mongoose :)


Q: What kind of leather do you use?

A: All our leather is full grain Italian cow hide. We only use the best and always made by hand. 


Q: "How much OZ does the Kole flask hold?

A: The Kole flask holds 2.2 fl oz. If you want a larger flask, try the Uppercut flask at 6 fl oz. 


Q: Does the Oak Tumbler come with wax?

A: The Oak tumbler does indeed come with a small packet of wax, if you require more, we have it in the tumbler page. 


Q: Can you get more wax for the oak honey tumbler?

A: Yes you certainly can, we have more wax available on the tumbler page in 100ml tubes. 


Q: What are your best gifts? 

A: Great question, we have a category called best gifts, feel free to check it out? In there you will find tumblers, flasks, leather bags and much more


Q: I lost the tumbler waxing instruction, can you help?

A: Please email us at, we will gladly send you a new instruction set. 


Q: Do you have discounts?

A: Yes, please signup at the bottom of our homepage for a discount. 


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Q: I have a question that isn't in the FAQ's how do I contact you?

A: please email us at, always happy to help.