Oak Honey Whiskey Tumbler



Best in a pair. Handmade oak whiskey tumblers with a stainless steel base, finished with a proprietary honey wax. It is specially shaped by hand, one at a time to give it a special shape on the inside to accentuate a taste and aroma that is complex and subtly sweet. 

Following our hugely succesfu kickstarter campaign, reaching over $150,000, this tumbler is available for preorder. 

Shipping in end September.




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Upper Cut


Elegant flask. holds 6.0 fl oz.

This flask is Upper Cut's bigger brother. A beautiful 6floz flask that comes with a stunning cup as a part of its construction. A wood shell stainless steel ends.





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Long cut


A beautiful flask, a slightly taller version of the Upper Cut with integrated cup and stainless steel ends. Perfect for your favorite spirits.

Holds 8.0 fl oz.






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A handmade masterpiece in original leather. The Vortex is a perfect companion for an urban adventure. With room for your essentials, your smart devises, cameras, wallet, keys, pocket knife, everything.

Shielded against identity theft, a perfect bag for a perfect day out. 


 *Important note on the Tan Vortex, the interior is a brown mesh to match the outside not as pictured in gray. 




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Cigar tube


Exquisite cigar tube

Handmade from top to bottom

Stainless Steel with wood body, made to preserve the texture and aroma of the best cigars.

color choice: oak-light







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Elegant Flask. Completely handmade from top to bottom. Designed to carry your drink on the go. Beautifully crafted in wood and stainless steel in a cylindrical form. Made to last a lifetime, timelessly elegant. 

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Rememory Pack


Antique Floor-Tile Hacking Kit.





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