Traditional and Innovative by Design.

Giftable whisky gear, home décor, leather gear.

"Nisnas Industries have created the perfect Whisky lover's experience"

"Nisnas Industries have elevated the design: Taking the typically utilitarian flask and transforming it into a stylish, sophisticated accessory"

"Nisnas Industries crafted in a Danish-modern atelier, an heirloom worthy of passing down to one’s firstborn"

"Style and classiness are the order of the day with these supremely cool and versatile Nisnas products"

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 About Us

Nisnas IND is all about experiencing gear that is designed with you in mind. 

With a flair for tradition and a savvy cutting edge design, we are a mixture of old and new. 

We make barware and leather gear, homeware, beautiful things that last a lifetime. We always work alongside partners to create community driven projects to benefit wider communities. 

We dream big, then create and sell worldwide.