Oak Honey Whiskey Tumbler



Best in a pair. Handmade oak whiskey tumblers with a stainless steel base, finished with a proprietary honey wax. It is specially shaped by hand, one at a time to give it a special shape on the inside to accentuate a taste and aroma that is complex and subtly sweet. 

Following our hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, reaching over $150,000, this tumbler now finally available. 

Available now with shipping worldwide within a week. 




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Upper Cut


Elegant flask. holds 6.0 fl oz.

This flask is Upper Cut's bigger brother. A beautiful 6floz flask that comes with a stunning cup as a part of its construction. A wood shell stainless steel ends.





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Long cut


A beautiful flask, a slightly taller version of the Upper Cut with integrated cup and stainless steel ends. Perfect for your favorite spirits.

Holds 8.0 fl oz.






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A handmade masterpiece in original leather. The Vortex is a perfect companion for an urban adventure. With room for your essentials, your smart devises, cameras, wallet, keys, pocket knife, everything.

Shielded against identity theft, a perfect bag for a perfect day out. 


 *Important note on the Tan Vortex, the interior is a brown mesh to match the outside not as pictured in gray. 




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Cigar tube


Exquisite cigar tube

Handmade from top to bottom

Stainless Steel with wood body, made to preserve the texture and aroma of the best cigars.

color choice: oak-light







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You can use this special Bees Wax mixture on any wooden piece. Originally made for Nisnas Industries wood tumblers, you can us it on furniture and furnishings of any kind no matter what their age. You can also use it on marble so it’s perfect for antiques and fine furniture. The wax has a hint of honey to it and it helps seal the wood you work on and make it more supple and durable. You get 50 Ml per tub and it will last a good long time because even a small amount of this spectacular polish can accomplish a lot, so don’t worry you don’t have to apply a lot to see the effect.


 Ingredients:  Just wax with a hint of honey extract.  Food safe, 100%natural



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Rememory Pack


Antique Floor-Tile Hacking Kit.





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