W.E.T Whisky Decanter & Oak Sphere Packs


The W.E.T is our most cutting edge creation, It is not a regular decanter nor a solid piece of oak to provide flavor.
It is a platform for experimentation, a way to bring to life new creations with your preferred flavors that have never before been possible. 


Our design blends an old-world feel with sleek and modern minimalism. Take note of the long, elegant silhouette, the wooden body, the cap that inspired by oak casks and the stainless steel trim. The interior of the decanter is a work of art, a glass internal sleeve fits inside the wooden body with stainless steel end pieces and a stainless steel infusion chamber - where the magic happens.

After a long period of R&D and a runaway success the decanter is finally available to the public.
Enjoy custom creations with the decanter oak spheres balls that allow you to make magic in a bottle!


This is your chance to play an alchemist. The combinations of scents, tones, and flavors are endless. To get you started the W.E.T decanter comes with oak spheres included, which can be used on their own for subtle ageing and tone, or used in concert with many other tastes, tones, and flavors. You control the strength of the infusions.



W.E.T Whisky Decanter & Oak Sphere Packs


 Bring some magic into your spirits game. 

  • Age your Whisky with oak sphere packs, endow with hints of oak
  • Become an alchemist with various flavores to create new creations in Vodka, Rum, Tequila and more.




  • New stock coming soon

Oak Sphere Pack

One packet, a set of 10 american white oak spheres



  • New stock coming soon

Try a mint-infused tequila or charr oak for a smokey tone in your whiskey. Infuse your favorite spice into your run. Play, test, explore. The process is fun and creative, and an instant conversation starter to boot. With the potential to create unique, personalized spirits, combined with the sleek, elegant design and beautiful oak surface, the W.E.T is a standout piece, unlike anything else on the market. 

OK, There is a lot of information out there on how Oak changes the taste and texture of Whisky so let's talk about that for a moment:

First thing's first: our oak spheres are milled from solid one piece American White oak that has been left to dry for over a year so that the oak is ready to be used in whisky.

If you will be using the sphere in a Whisky then you will need to have the oak spheres in the decanter for a longer period of time depending on the taste/sweetness/ oakiness you are going for.


The Decanter has a hidden detachable base where you can find the infusion chamber. The chamber can place 5 custom oak spheres that infuse the flavors with oak tones.

This is the adventurous side of the W.E.T. Decanter, a hidden feature that cant be found with other Decanters. it is the first of its kind. You can of course choose not to use the infusion chamber and remove it completely thus leaving this to be just one stunning decanter.