Crafting Innovation with Tradition.


Welcome to Nisnas Industries, where innovation meets tradition. What began as a community initiative and a business venture in the heart of Haifa's Wadi Nisnas neighborhood, has grown into a global brand rooted in craftsmanship, collaboration, and a deep love for our home.

Nisnas Industries started its journey in a small store, fondly called "the cave." Nestled in the midst of the ancient marketplace of Wadi Nisnas.

From this humble beginning, we forged connections with local craftsmen, laying the foundation for what would become a unique blend of community and creativity.

As our relationship with local craftsmen blossomed, so did our passion for designing breakthrough products. Wood and leather became our canvas, and we brought to life innovative designs that reflect the rich tradition of our craft. Our journey has been marked by hard work, numerous trials, and, most importantly, a unique creation without compromise.

Our dedication to innovation manifested in the creation of two exceptional bags, the Vortex Shield and Vortex Shadow. Redefining urban day bags, these bags seamlessly accommodated electronic gear, cameras, and notepads while maintaining a slim and comfortable profile. Thousands of satisfied customers already enjoys the Vortex design and recommend them daily.

From our roots in Haifa, Nisnas Industries has expanded far beyond borders. Today, our gear is embraced by a worldwide audience, reaching from Argentina to New Zealand and from Los Angeles to Tokyo. We take pride in our global business partnerships and our commitment to detail, all while maintaining a community-minded approach that has been with us from the start.


The evolution of Nisnas Industries extends beyond products. Our latest journey involves creating a robust artists community. We passionately support various skills and artists on our platform, fostering an exciting amalgamation of talents. This commitment to collaboration has resulted in one of our most thrilling endeavors—bringing together other artists and designers with our products, creating an enriching and dynamic space.



As Nisnas Industries continues to evolve, our story is shaped by a dedication to craftsmanship, a spirit of community, and an unwavering pursuit of innovation. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore new horizons, celebrate tradition, and bring together a global community of creators and enthusiasts.