Vortex Shield Leather Bag. The urban bag re-imagined

Following our hugely successful Kickstarter campaign
The Vortex Shadow leather bag is available to the public.
Sling bag interior

Vortex Shield

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The Vortex Shield is the original slim side carry sling bag, the slimmer version of the Vortex Shadow. A perfect urban design for a daily urban trip. 

The Vortex Shield is now also in a water-resistant version. The same exact dimensions and groundbreaking design that allows for a slim carry but now with a water-resistant full grain leather in 3 new color options:


Night-Sky Blue: A dark Blue with beautiful texture

Marble: An off white with dark streaks

Western Saddle Tan: A classic earth-brown with light texturing. 


  • Water resistant.
  • Comes with a hive of pockets inside.
  • Slim and elegant.
  • Handmade one at a time.
  • Italian full grain leather only.


  • Limited Availability
  • Ships in 30 or more days1


"What an amazing bag, I use the Vortex every day. Thanks guys."

Claire T.

"Here's what I loced: The size, the leather, the pockets. What I didnt like? hey if you have a larger one for laptops let me know :)"

Dan C.

A new sweet spot redesigned in handmade leather. Protected from identity theft, Vortex is a smart slim masterpiece. Redesigned to be a perfect urban bag.

Here at team Nisnas, we broke down the urban experience into its essentials and made room for just what you need in an exquisite handmade leather form. The idea was to create a beautiful, bomb-proof supremely comfortable bag to put in just what you love and need for the urban experience. So we did just that and it's stunning.

Vortex will hold just what you need for the day trip with supreme fit and exquisite handmade leather workmanship. Think of Vortex as a wearable, beautiful extension of yourself to lug around the things you love and need without any extra room. 

Each Vortex Shield is 100% handmade by the Nisnas Industries team out of premium full grain leather.
Quality is the most important aspect of our bag, and it shows, the stitching, leather selection, extreme attention to detail is second to none. We stress every detail, and you benefit from our obsession :)

***Orders may take up to 14 days for handmade process***