07. August 2018
A tool to mock hate symbols everywhere. Turn graffiti swastikas into cartoon animals and fight hate by mocking it.

18. July 2018
Let's discuss what we mean when we say that this tumbler is alive: Usually, when you drink from any old whiskey tumbler the role of the cup is to hold the spirits and to help vent the scent along with the taste in your mouth. Our Oak Whisky tumblers give the tasting experience a unique oak tone that cannot be replicated elsewhere. It is done with a one-piece oak creation that is totally alive. The wood taken in the spirits and the liquid interacts with the wood and the honey wax that binds i

14. June 2018
A quick chat about the delivery of the Vortex Shadow leather bag by Nisnas Industries. Inside you will find timelines, unboxing (yay!) and a discussion of shipping protocols, customs and more.

03. June 2018
Join us for a journey into Studio Stav's woodworking studio. Nisnas Industries make a unique wax specifically formulated for woodwork, the pairing of the wax and the amazing craft at Stav's place make for some stunning footage. Enjoy You can use this special Bees Wax mixture on any wooden piece. Originally made for Nisnas Industries wood tumblers, you can use it on furniture and furnishings of any kind no matter what their age. You can also use it on marble so it’s perfect for antiques and...

26. April 2018
Hi guys, This little bit is both an update to our Kickstarter backers as well as a shoutout to the world about our Vortex Leather bags. Some tips on maintenance, a brief explanation on how to use them and some helpful explanation on the layout.

06. February 2018
Amazing example of our flasks going perfectly.

04. February 2018
Load it up with your latest gadgets in search of the perfect spot for a photograph, the Vortex Shadow is for the gadgeteer who needs his tools with him at all times. The Vortex Shadow takes the sling leather design to a whole new level.

04. February 2018
Forget bulky messenger bags or slings so tiny they can hardly hold your phone. The Vortex Shadow is a new category of bag, the only leather bag out there that’s slim and light enough for a day on the go, yet it still holds all the gear you’ll need for that day.

31. December 2017
Our Kole flasks are now back on pre-order. They are by far our best setting piece and will be in stock in mid March. Grab 'em from the shop.

29. November 2017
To know if what we are creating is good for the whiskey drinking community we joined forces with shota koblinidze from one of the largest whiskey museums in the world, to tells us what he thinks about our tumblers. We will taste some notable whiskeys in our new oak wood tumblers, the madison and the oak honey tumblers.

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