15. October 2019
So yesterday we launched the Resolute Shoe project, it is a culmination of a year of work with the local Palestinian community in At-Twaneh, South Hebron Hills and our partners at Fiocco Nerro. This collaboration style isnt new to us at NI, we're always been focused on community with world-wide marketing and local design as a part of the plan. The thing is that wee never intended to create shoes at all, really... and certainly not these amazing shoes (they really came out stunning) , in fact...

14. August 2019
we made a new video equipment test

06. August 2019
It's in prototype mode now so new packaging and graphic coming soon!

31. July 2019
It's been a great experience that brings together the skills of the amazing folks in the cooperative and our combined experience at Nisnas to work across disciplines and borders.

25. July 2019
This is the instructional video for the Candy Cane Travel Pillow by Nisnas Industries and LyLy Design. Following the hugely successful Kickstarter project, the Candy Cane is now available worldwide. Inside you will find a step by step process to inflate, use and deflate the pillow.

25. July 2019
You can use this special Bees Wax mixture on any wooden piece. Originally made for Nisnas Industries wood tumblers, you can use it on furniture and furnishings of any kind no matter what their age.

25. July 2019
So you picked up your Oak Honey whiskey Tumbler (or Madison & Oak Whisky Tumbler) Hurray :) https://www.nisnasindustries.com/bee-... These tumblers are beautiful and will serve you a lifetime BUT you need to know how to care for them. So, if you love your whisky and you love your tumbler, give a short watch to this 1 minute video and remember these key points: 1) Never wash your tumbler, just wipe it with a cotton cloth 2) Use the wax often to care for the oak 3) Leave your tumbler in a...

25. July 2019
Kickstarter loopholes: Repeat after us: (MVP) Minimum Viable Product!

25. July 2019
Join us for a conversation with Elad Burko of Paperwallet to discuss communication, planning, pricing and the mistakes we made in our Kickstarter projects. Hopefully these will teach you to make none of them!. In particular mistakes in communication can cause a huge headache so catch this discussion, it will help pave the way to better backer communication.

25. July 2019
Want to make a kickstarter project that beaks through $200,000? Watch this video, especially the parts about how to use Kickstarter marketing firms. We go into depth to discuss how to get your project to perform.

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