11. September 2017
There is a certain rhythm to making.

10. September 2017
Hi guys, So we're busy putting all your tumblers together and packing them. We will be sending them within the next couple of weeks. So this is your absolute last call to make any changes to your address and fill in your survey if you havent already (30 of you havent, so please do). See images of tumblers being inspected and packed below at the bottom of the page.

10. September 2017
So first things first, I opened up the surveys so you guys can update your addresses as some folks have been asking what happens if they move and some folks wanted a different work shipping address. You can now change the address on your own. We will have a cutoff on changing addresses in a few weeks though. Which brings me to the next thing, sigh... As much as we would like to get the tumblers out yesterday, we need to do one more round of quality control after the last one. We put in new...

10. September 2017
We love it when whisky and chocolate come together so we want to tell you about a new Chocolate collaboration we are doing, it's pretty exciting :)

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05. July 2014
This one is a labor of love. The idea of the Daily Grip came about when Max and I sat down to think about what could be possible, we wanted to stretch our range a bit. We knew we could make a wood grip; actually you can make a simple wood grip fairly easily but making a good one is tough, making a great on is artful. We wanted to make one that wouldn’t be just an esthetic statement but would be the best grip you could get that would last you a lifetime. So how do we do it? Well it’s a long...

05. July 2014
I think we've been using our FB page way too much instead of our Blog so we're making up some ground here. We've been crazy busy finishing up our work on 700c fenders for Bricklane Bikes, they are just about done and came out amazing. We're doing Maple, Pine and Mohogany for all our 700c fenders. Check out some pics here:

18. February 2014

12. January 2014
Man there’s a lot going on. We finalized designs for some of our stainless steel inlay wood fenders and are working hard on streamlining the fabrication process. The space has finally come into its own and we even have a big old fan to blow out all the leftover lacquer and saw dust. We’ve pretty much become a full scale workshop, we can tell because we talk about lunch breaks more than we do work. It’s a good thing. A quick update from the Wadi, we had a fantastic meeting with the folks...

17. October 2013
It's been a busy week at the workshop. We're working on new stainless steel inlays for fenders and in the future for bags too. It’s a fun process and we're enjoying the testing and fabrication as we go. There's always a challenge in making these as the idea is to keep the production local. Stainless and wood suppliers are getting better at cooperating and the process of cutting and matching is now on its way to being perfect. Will be some amazing fenders for Bromptons and 700c clip-on style.

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