Black Friday is upon us, 20% off
18. November 2021
Here we go, the day is almost upon us, Black friday is around the corner and now is your chance to grab anything you like for 20% off with time to spare for the holidays

Meet our barware selection
16. November 2021
Meet our barware selection

Get your holiday shopping done early
09. November 2021
Get your gifting done early 20% off sitewide

Resounding Music Box: Dreamy, Romantic, & Relaxing music with a twist
02. November 2021
The perfect gift for a loved one, or to remind yourself of a treasured memory. Each Resounding Music Box has been handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail.

5 Gift ideas for the holidays
25. October 2021
Checkout below our best ideas for giftable gifts :) Your loved one will adore:

Playful tips for the Oak Whisky Tumbler
11. October 2021
The Oak Whisky Tumbler is a hand made tumbler that is designed to capture the aroma of the drink. This product is sleek and modern, with a thin base and wide top. It has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold in your hands. There are so many ways to enjoy our Oak Tumbler. Here are some helpful tips: 1) Use wax when the tumbler is rough to the touch inside. 2) When you drink, bring the top brim right to your nose to get the fully effect of the wood aroma. 3) Store in a dry cool place...

How an Indoor Forest Planter Can Boost Your Mood, Reduce Stress, and Increase Peace
04. October 2021
Plant1Up is a modular magnetic indoor gardening kit that allows you to create your own garden, no matter how large or small your space is. It's perfect for urban dwellers like me who want to grow their own plants but don’t have the space.

Find Your Perfect Drinkware to Sip Your Favorite Single Malt Scotch or Bourbon in Style

Plant1Up crushed out goal in 24 hours
11. May 2021
Hi everyone, So we crushed out goal in 24 hours which is pretty cool. Also, we just added a single planter reward option, Curios if people want it. Thoughts? Cheers

Hi all Just launched
04. May 2021
Hi all Just launched. Inspired by beehive cells, the planter is tiny, fits on the palm of your hand, and scales up massively with magnetic connectors to create a planter ecosystem that fills a room. Add a module, add a plant, then connect again on any side with 16 magnets on each cell.

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