Plant1Up crushed out goal in 24 hours
11. May 2021
Hi everyone, So we crushed out goal in 24 hours which is pretty cool. Also, we just added a single planter reward option, Curios if people want it. Thoughts? Cheers

Hi all Just launched
04. May 2021
Hi all Just launched. Inspired by beehive cells, the planter is tiny, fits on the palm of your hand, and scales up massively with magnetic connectors to create a planter ecosystem that fills a room. Add a module, add a plant, then connect again on any side with 16 magnets on each cell.

22. March 2020
A stunning leather backpack inspired by the passion of motor racing and mid 70's Petroliana

03. February 2020
Checkout what MRporter says about our Kole flask:…/barware/kole-flask/ "As details and decorative designs see a resurgence, there seems to be less simple Scandi chic in our lives these days. Thank goodness, then, for Nisnas Industries — which has gone against the grain with this subtle wooden flask. Slim and cylindrical, the ‘Kole’ design is a must-have for skiing or shooting this winter, and crying out to be filled up with a similarly smooth,...

03. February 2020
Here's a sneak peek and sign-up for our new decanter: Introducing the W.E.T.

03. February 2020
After months of development we are beyond excited to introduce a new leather bag to our line-up. The Taylor Rex messenger bag.

15. October 2019
So yesterday we launched the Resolute Shoe project, it is a culmination of a year of work with the local Palestinian community in At-Twaneh, South Hebron Hills and our partners at Fiocco Nerro. This collaboration style isnt new to us at NI, we're always been focused on community with world-wide marketing and local design as a part of the plan. The thing is that wee never intended to create shoes at all, really... and certainly not these amazing shoes (they really came out stunning) , in fact...

14. August 2019
we made a new video equipment test

06. August 2019
It's in prototype mode now so new packaging and graphic coming soon!

31. July 2019
It's been a great experience that brings together the skills of the amazing folks in the cooperative and our combined experience at Nisnas to work across disciplines and borders.

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