Meet the Whiskolosophy Coasters


The Whiskolosophy coasters are made of the same oak we use for our whisky gear with a cork back and silk screened with some amazing quotes from our favourite Whisky drinkers ok all time, James Joyce, W.C Fields, George Bernard Shaw and a few others. 
These coasters are a playful remainder that whisky is not just a wonderful drink but a passion and a tradition, this is out tip of the hat to the love of the spirit for generations.

After a good long year our coasters are finally ready to roll and are now in pre-production. This means that you can pick them up now in a pack of 6 and they will be delivered to you just as soon as they are done.



See the six patterns and designs with quotes by our favorites. whats your choice? We always go with Mark Twain, because, well, it's Mark Twain...


Whiscolosophy is about honouring the past and making the Whisky drinking experience, not just a wonderful way to elevate the spirit but to make the experience a statement as well. The coasters make for a wonderful conversation piece and always spark up a chat when enjoyed in a group.