Travel pouches in Italian Leather

Comadore, the ultimate travel case


The Commodore has it all,

Crafted in Full Grain Italian Leather it is a perfect addition to your luggage, perfect for carrying more than just your essentials with room for small devices, combs and toiletry. No expense is spared in making this the absolute best. Slightly larger than our Chaplin or Chase pouches with multiple pockets and storage units inside.



Dimensions: H: 14cm/5.5 Inch.

                       W:20cm/7.8 Inch. 




  • New stock coming soon

Chase, a travel pouch with extra utility pockets


Think of this pouch as the Chaplin pouch's next step.  It holds the exact same volume but this time with a cool main pocket in the front. This way you can take advantage of the pouch utility and have more room for incidentals like shaving blades or foldables. 


Dimensions: H: 95mm/3.5 Inch.

                       W:150mm/6 Inch. 




  • New stock coming soon