We are now running DHL express on all shipments leaving Nisnas Industries. This means that packages leaving us will get to you in a couple of days with smart tracking from DHL. Why are we doing this? Well, it started with COVID19 but now that we are seeing super slow and unreliable shipping from eCommerce shipping suppliers, we decided to use the most reliable service possible which is DHL Express.

Yes it does have a premium markup which we bare the majority of but we believe this is the right choice for the times and we're sure you'll agree


Here's the deal on shipping:

  • We ship worldwide, everywhere! No exceptions and the rates are assigned near every product at the point of checkout. We ship directly to your door with an amazing shipping team that is top notch and proven. You will receive tracking codes and express deliveries wherever you are.

What service do you use?

  • We use DHL Ecommerce, as the package leaves our base here it gets dispatched via DHL Ecommerce to the local post service in every country (In the US its USPS).

Does the package get left at mt door or do I have to sign for it?

  • Great question, in the US the answer is yes. In the EU and elsewhere, depending on location, the local post there may be a signature needed for delivery. If your package isn't signed for in international locations it is waiting for you in the local post office.

How long does shipping take?

  • About a week

Do you get tracking codes?

  • Yes indeed, you will get tracking codes within a few days of dispatch. 


Read this if you are outside the U.S.  

  • Most packages sail through customs without any duty, but some are selected by chance and the recipient gets hit with a duty fee. We have a dedicated team to work through customs issues in most countries and sweat the details on this but since we can't account for every customs agent, if you live in a place that is known for customs issues, we can't vouch for every possibility an extra charge If you are an international customer and receive a tracking number when we ship, track your package daily to make sure it doesn’t get hung up in the system and returned to us.  

We make every effort to get your gear to you, through through customs and directly to your door. if issues arise we are here to help. Email or message us. We are here to help.