Here is where you will find all our offerings for your home, high-quality handcrafted gifts for your loved ones. Our music boxes are handmade by our insanely talented artisans in house, one at a time, and every ResounDing Music Box is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. You can also get your favourite plant grown in our Plant1Up planter then grow a magnetic forest with it's unique scalable modules. 

Modular magnetic playful indoor planter



Plant1Up is a one-of-a-kind planter ecosystem. Modular, Magnetic, endlessly scalable Inspired by beehive cells, the planter is tiny, fits on the palm of your hand, and scales up massively with magnetic connectors to create a planter ecosystem that fills a room. Add a module, add a plant, then connect again on any side with 16 magnets on each cell.



ResounDing are handmade, beautifully designed music boxes that make beautiful gifts! Every ResounDing Music Box is made with care and love. You can play it yourself or let it play on its own to fill the room with beautiful music. It's a perfect instrument for music lovers, people who are passionate about sound, the feeling it evokes and musicians of any skill level.