The Vortex is made with you in mind

  The Vortex is made with you in mind: it is supremely tough and made to last a lifetime. If you are into your tech devices or like to wander the city streets in search of the best spots to photograph, a commuter who wants to have the best and still carry everything. This bag is for you. The Vortex Shadow takes the sling leather design to a whole new level, it is comfortable, slim, supremely usable and beautiful.

The Gadgeteer:

Load it up with your latest gadgets in search of the perfect spot for a photograph, the Vortex Shadow is for the gadgeteer who needs his tools with him at all times. The Vortex Shadow takes the sling leather design to a whole new level.

Phone. iPad. Camera. Water bottle. Books. Paintbrushes. Keys. Headphones. Multi-tool. You'll be shocked by how much your Vortex Shadow can carry comfortably. And it retains its shape with all your gear inside and remains balanced on your back.

 The Artist


Say you want to take the Vortex for a three day adventure in the city. Grab you devices, your iPad, camera, water bottles, books and paintbrushes. Grab your keys, your headphones and your multitool too. You'll be suprised how much your Vortex can carry and still be comfortable. The Vortex shadow is so well made you can grab all of this gear and the bag will still retain its shape and remain balanced on your back.

 The Vortex Shadow is our best effort to bring you what we love and what you have shared with us as the best way to have it. It's a cooperative effort in the best sense of the word. the work of years and years that have culminated in one beautiful piece, one that we ware proud of and that we are proud to present to you, our kickstarter community.

The Urban Survavalist

Vortex can do it all, for the rough and tumble daily commute pack your tools, your bike gear and everything you need for an adventure