Meet the W.E.T: Whisky Echo Tango Decanter

In the past a decanter was just that, a beautiful center piece so you could hold your whisky or spirits, the W.ET is a decanter that sets a new standard. It allows you to experiment with spirits or, if you dont want to use the infusion chamber than it still remains an absolutely stunning classy decanter without the added infusion chamber. 

Launching in 4 weeks on Kickstarter. Signup here to get it first for less the day we launch.

Part work-of-art, part, Part Alchemy for your spirits.
Bring magic into your spirits game. 

  • Age your spirits in style with propitiatory oak spheres 
  • Become an alchemist with various spirits to create brand new creations

Be part of the process

Easy, just join our exclusive presale and we guarantee delivery before the holidays. When you join a presale at Nisnas Industries, you join a community, with over 15 Kickstarter projects under our belt we have become somewhat adept at creating products with our community in mind and presale for us means giving you the best, before everyone else and for less. So as a supporter of the new W.E.T you get the decanter for 30% off retail and well before the entire world gets to see it.  Huray :) So hop on to the presale page below and grab yours. 

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