Royce Slugger M1 Leather backpack

Stunning full grain leather backpack is a product of cooperation with our backers and community, it answers the needs of our larger community for a beautiful, sturdy, all day leather backpack with room for all your needs.


The process:

We created the Slugger in our home offices at Nisnas HQ, then sent it all over the world to our community in order to get directions and refinements, from the finish to pocket selection, zipper length to stiffness of the back, all of these were perfected by our community of supporters. This bag is indeed a work of community cooperation and we stand behind the craftsmanship and utility of it 100%. 


The slugger is indeed the ultimate leather commuting companion, it is a meeting point between ultimate usability and beauty. Made for any trip, it is weather resistant and best used with propitiatory balm, whether on two feet, two wheels, four or more...The slugger is made to be used daily and last a lifetime.

This backpack is made to be supremely rugged with multiple pockets, room for all your devices and medium sized laptops.

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