WET decanter instructions

1| Important note before use


For a first use: Please check that all the decanter components are in place, including the top cap, wood body and infusion chamber. Fill the W.E.T decanter once with water to ensure that all parts are in working order. 


Wash the decanting chamber once with running water, then gently wash the inside of the decanter with a gentle stream, then wipe down.


*Note to be careful not to wash the wood exterior excessively as wood can expand. Washing is meant for the inside of the decanter. 


Once this step is complete and you can insure that all parts are in working order you can begin the fun process of making your own spirits :)


2 | Open bottom


Open the top cap and place on the table, now remove the bottom and remove the decanting chamber from the bottom with a gentle twist. Now lay all components on the table and you are ready to begin making magic :)


3 | Fill with spices


Fill the Decanting chamber with your choice of oak spheres, spices and herbs (see back for some tips and fun suggestions)


4 | Assemble


Place the decanting chamber back in the bottom of the decanter, making sure it is firmly sealed


5 | Fill with spirits


Now poor in your favorite spirits, whisky, rum, tequila, Vodka, get creative. Then close the top cap.

Allow the creation to sit for as long as needed to infuse the spirits (See back for tips on timing as well).

Once ready, just poor out your new creation and enjoy. 

Decanter Instruction
inside you'll find the W.E.T instructions
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