WET decanter Recipe Ideas

Whisky Echo Tango Decanter

 Want to know how to create your own spirits and creations using the Whisky Echo Tango Decanter? Below you will find some amazing ideas to create new and exciting blends with different spirits and much more: 



Smoke-Oak infused Whisky


Ingredients for one full decanter:

Your favorite Whisky

10 oak spheres


  • Take the 10 oak spheres out of their bag and decide on the amount of smoke flavor you would like with your whisky,
  • Place the oak spheres on a pan and sear for several minutes for a tight smoke edge or over an open flame for a pronounced flavor.
  • Then place the oak spheres in the infusion chamber and let sit for several hours along with your choice of whisky. For this we recommend an inexpensive whisky to experiment with then your choice of finer spirits once you have the process down

Vanilla Escape


Ingredients for 4 drinks:

6 oz premium vodka

8 oz Pineapple Juice

1 oz Sour Mix

1 oz Raspberry Liqueur,

4 Pineapple Wedges


Put pineapple wedges into the infusion chamber, poor all the liquids into the decanter, wait for several minutes, shake gently for a few seconds then pour. 

Lavender Tequila


Ingredients for one full decanter:

1 lavender branch

OR 4 Tbs of culinary lavender

Premium Tequila

1 lime cut in 4

Spoons of sugar

Sparkling Water


  • Add the Lavender into the infusion chamber then add the lime cut in 1/4s
  • Then add the 5 spoons of sugar into half a cup of warm water till dissolved.
  • Insert the infusion chamber into the decanter, then add tequila and warm water with sugar til the decanter is full.
  • Leave for several minutes then gently tumble the decanter in sweeping motions. Serve in decorative glasses and add sparkling water as you choose to control alcohol content in the glass. Enjoy

Saffron Honey Rum



20 strands of Saffron

Premium Rum of your choice

3 spoons of honey

5 Oak Spheres


  • Begin by pouring the honey into an empty jar, insert the oak spheres, 20 strands of saffron and add warm water. 
  • Let the jar sit for an hour or so until the honey is dissolved and the oak spheres soak in the flavor. Then put the spheres in the infusion chamber and the rest of the liquid into the closed decanter.
  • Then add premium rum into the decanter and let sit for 20 minutes, then tumble the decanter gently end to end then pour into decorative glasses. 

Decanter Instruction
inside you'll find the W.E.T instructions
WET Decanter instructions.pdf
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