Oak tumbler wax instructions

Want to know How To use the wax on the Oak Honey Whisky Tumbler? lots of people ask how to care for their tumblers and this is super important to keep the tumblers over time in the best condition and working perfectly. See bellow. Also if you had any questions, as always we're here to help :)


Oak whiskey tumbler Proper maintenance and care


Waxing before using the tumbler


We recommend waxing the inside of the tumbler before use just to make sure it is supple as sometimes shipping can dry out the wood.


Cleaning instructions


Thoroughly wipe clean the inside and the outside, repeat several times after ringing the cloth out if you need to clean more carefully.

All you need to clean your tumbler is a damp cloth (preferably cotton).


Waxing the tumbler for maintenance


You should use the wax once every couple of months or as you think is needed when the wood seems somewhat dry. After cleaning the tumbler it is advisable to put on a layer of wax and working it into the wood in a circular fashion.

Tumbler Instruction
inside you'll find waxing instructions for oak tumbler
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  • #1

    Bob (Tuesday, 28 February 2023 21:50)

    Hi Guys,
    I was going to buy some additional wax as I love my whiskey tumbler but to pay $28 in shipping which happens to be the cost of the additional was is really over priced. I'll opt for something from Amazon. Additionally, I was going to purchase the tumbler as a gift for a friend but again the shipping is just inordinate. I would suggest you find some other option because I'm sure it's affecting your sales volume.

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    Carlos (Wednesday, 10 January 2024 17:37)

    Similar to Bob who posted about a year ago, I looked at purchasing some more wax for the tumbler I received for Christmas, but shipping is $55 and the wax is only $17. That is outrageous.