Meet Chamber, our cigar tube, built like Kole, to last a lifetime

Every cigar deserves a perfect companion,

We created Chamber with strong design cues from the Kole flask. With worldwide appeal, the Chamber is one of Nisnas' best designs with travellers in mind

We all know the feeling. You’ve spent hours of your day at work, and you’re finally home. It’s been a long day, and you deserve to enjoy some time relaxing with a cigar. The only problem is that your humidor is full of dirty cigars!

This is where our Chamber Cigar Tube Cleaner comes in handy.



A complete experience.

A complete experience is one that includes all the senses. A cigar in a tube for example, is a complete experience because it has the sense of sight, touch, taste and smell.

This is why many people like to buy cigars in tubes. A cigar in a tube can be smoked without worrying about ash falling on clothes or furniture. It also means that the cigar stays fresh longer than if it were stored loose in an open box or baggie.

A cigar tube also provides protection for the cigar from damage during transit and handling.

Cigar tubes protect cigars from damage caused by humidity and light, as well as from insects and rodents.

Whether you're commuting, enjoying a round of golf, or just watching the game, we've got you covered. The Chamber cigar tube is a convenient and classy solution for packing and transporting your cigar. It keeps your cigar safe and fresh and is easy to use with no mess and no fuss.