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Vortex shadow Leather bag | On sale

Following a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign that raised over $120,000, the Vortex Shadow became our smash hit for 2018. This year it is better than ever with small refinements that make it the absolute best leather sling bag with no expense spared, making this the best of the best.


Perfect for your daily use bag, with room for smart devices, small-mid flat cameras, daily essentials and room for books and travel accessories. It is the Swiss army knife of daily bags in premium Italian full grain leather. 


The urban bag re-imagined. Smart, handmade in full-grain leather with Cameras and smart devices in mind.



L: 45cm \ 17 Inch


W: 20 cm \ 7.8 Inch


Vortex Shadow is a handmade masterpiece in full grain leather, we only use the absolute best and only full grain. The Vortex is  the sweet-spot between longer trips and a commute. Perfect for a day in the city, to take your camera and essentials on an adventure where the city will take you.




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Vortex Shield Leather bag | On sale

This is one special leather masterpiece. If you love an urban adventure and expect only the best from your leather accessories then this bag is for you.


Small enough to feel like you don't have anything on you and large enough to hold just what you need. We broke down the urban experience into its essentials and made room for just what you need in an exquisite handmade leather form. The idea was to create a beautiful, bomb-proof supremely comfortable bag to put in just what you love and need for the urban experience. So we did just that and it's stunning.


Think of Vortex as a wearable, beautiful extension of yourself to lug around the things you love and need without any extra room. 


Vortex is a hive of various pockets, some hidden and some visible, crafted in a bombproof leather "sling" to fit perfectly and carry just your essentials. 



L: 45cm \ 17 Inch

W: 13cm \ 5 Inch




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Delphine women's bag in Yellow | On sale

The bag is a perfect summer companion, great for an urban adventure in New York or Paris. With pockets inside in the same color as the outside, it holds just enough for a day trip, a phone, some accessories and no clutter.

Perfect over one shoulder or cross-back. It's a sensation and has the world buzzing about its bright color and utility. 





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Chaplin, an exquisite italian leather travel pouch | ON SALE


Keep you essential travel, overnight, shaving and grooming tools close with you in the finest Italian full grain leather pouch.

The perfect size and shape for the consummate traveler.


Dimensions: H: 9.5cm/3.5 Inch.

                       W: 15cm/6 Inch. 




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Chase, a travel pouch with extra utility pockets


Think of this pouch as the Chaplin pouch's next step.  It holds the exact same volume but this time with a cool main pocket in the front. This way you can take advantage of the pouch utility and have more room for incidentals like shaving blades or foldables. 


Dimensions: H: 95mm/3.5 Inch.

                       W:150mm/6 Inch. 




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Comadore, the ultimate travel case


The Commodore has it all,

Crafted in Full Grain Italian Leather it is a perfect addition to your luggage, perfect for carrying more than just your essentials with room for small devices, combs and toiletry. No expense is spared in making this the absolute best. Slightly larger than our Chaplin or Chase pouches with multiple pockets and storage units inside.



Dimensions: H: 14cm/5.5 Inch.

                       W:20cm/7.8 Inch. 




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Upper Cut



Elegant flask. holds 6.0 fl oz.

This flask is Upper Cut's bigger brother. A beautiful 6floz flask that comes with a stunning cup as a part of its construction. A wood shell stainless steel ends. 





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