Top-Rated Gifts for Men

The best leather bag and whisky gear is always the right gift

whiskey cup

Oak Honey Whisky Tumbler


The original and best Oak Tumblers, Version 2.0. 


Kole elegant flask

Kole flask


Beautiful, award winning cylindrical flask.

sling leather bag

Vortex Shield small Leather Sling bag


Our best selling sling bag in full grain Italian Leather.

whiskey decanter

Wet Decanter


A stunning Decanter with a secret chamber inside.

large sling bag

Large Sling Bag, Vortex Shadow


A larger version of the Vortex Shield in full grain Italian Leather.

uppercut cylindrical flask

Uppercut Flask


The best flask you can buy with a build-in cup.

travel pouch

Travel Puches


 Travel pouches in full grain  Italian Leather.

wooden elegant coasters

Whiskolosophy Coasters


Coasters with quotes from your favorite whisky inspired thinkers :)