Meet our new decanter

Well alright, here is a blog post I have been dying to write but our prototype has been in the works for so long that I haven't been able to share.

Well here goes: meet our new stunning infusion decanter. It's made of one solid piece of oak with a glass inner sleeve and a removable bottom which houses an infusion bucket for oak ball/pellets to endow the whisky with oak aromas.

It's a neat little design for both folks who want to explore with whisky and for those who want the classy look of a decanter. 

The infusion bucket is removable for the purists who just want a stunning decanter without the extra feature.

The decanter takes its design cues from other decanters while leaning towards an aesthetic spearheaded by our kole and Upper Cut flasks.


The whole idea of an infusion decanter is about being adventurous with tastes. You can use the oak balls at the bottom of the decanter or choose to to use them. We have been toying with the idea of roasting them on an open flame to give a more smokey oak tone to the spirits. For folks who want to serve other spirits and not just Whisky, this decanter offers some great options too. In other words it opens up new opportunities. Also, its pretty stunning to behold so there's that. 

Enjoy the images and let us know what you think.


It's in prototype mode now so new packaging and graphic coming soon!


We hope to be launching the decanter in the coming months, it will be accompanied by our tumblers and flasks as a complete package with the idea of having it ready as a Christmas project firmly in our minds. While we love Kickstarter and have plans to have it there as most of our projects have graduated crowdfunding platforms, we might be releasing it through our partners and Uncommon Goods, more on that soon.


And please, as always please give us feedback, we love to hear your comments, suggestions and remarks.


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